Designers and manufacturers of timber structures and wooden roofs,

Timber traders.

Via Enore Tosi n. 15 - Z.I.

33034  FAGAGNA  (UD) - ITALY

Tel.: +39 432 802050- +39 432 847298 Fax: +39 432 803992


(Cod. Fisc. P.I.V.A. e Reg. Imprese di Udine n. 00043760305)




The firm "DI MARCO F.lli Srl" has been working for generations in the timber field with passion and concern.

It was established in 1943 in Pontebba as a sawmill and a timber cutting and trading firm. Since the Seventies, it has specialized in the designing and manufacturing of wooden roofs.

Recently located in Fagagna, it provides first rate services thanks to:

-  more than 60 years of experience in the timber field

-  a modern manufacturing department

-  a well-stocked timber yard of top material coming from the best northern  Europe forests

-  a skilled technical department provided with the most advanced engineering software

-  a production manager for in house control of all manufactured woodworks

-  the assembling is supervised and checked by the firm owner with the help of skilled staff.

Designers, customers and builders can rely on our experience to find the best technical solutions to their specific requirements.

Every woodwork is provided with a working plan supplying all the information required by the builder to set the supports for the timber structure.

Our quotations are provided with tridimensional graphic designs enabling the customer to understand if his requirements have been fulfilled.